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Increased Risk to Youth in a New World of Technology

No one could have imagined a year ago that in just a few months the…

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Accident Policy For Midweek Childcare Programs

Does Our PreK/Mother’s Day Out/Daycare Need An Accident Policy? If your church has a mid-week…

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The Numbers Behind Sexual Abuse

Richard Hammar, noted attorney and largely considered the expert in church law, does a litigation…

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Separation Of Church and Daycare

Will Our Church Insurance Also Cover Our Daycare/Pre-K/School Program?  It’s an important question and one…

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Church Fraud: “Don’t You Trust Me?”

The phone calls all begin the same way. “She/He worked here for 20 plus years. …

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Copper Theft

Preventing the Theft of Your A/C Units ( I.E. Copper Theft)

Despite declining scrap metal prices, thieves are still targeting churches, vacant buildings, and construction sites…

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Transportation Safety: Creating A Safer Place For Ministry

Click here for a printed copy of the full Transportation Safety Article Possibly because it…

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10 Common Coverage Gaps To Avoid

Even the most careful people sometimes have insurance gaps that could put themselves or the…

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Texting Precautions

Texting – Don’t Be Misunderstood Texting is a great tool for communicating with teens. It’s…

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Commercial Flood Coverage & New Options

If you live in or around Houston, you're well aware of the devastation flood damage…

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Vehicle and Driver Safety

Vehicle and Driver Safety  Driving may be a church or school’s riskiest activity. Often these…

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5 Reasons Your Ministry Needs a Cyber Policy

Experts are warning that smaller organizations, including churches and nonprofits, increasingly fall victim to cyber…

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